Why does web hosting matter?

In order to have a website hosted, getting a web hosting account is very important. A web hosting company makes it possible for anyone on the web to access your website. The room you purchase on a web server to store your website files is essentially web hosting.

A web host, also called a hosting provider, is a company that provides the tools you need to accomplish this. A locally-hosted website is stored on your own machine, while an externally-hosted site is stored on a provider’s server.

All of your content, pages and website layout must be placed somewhere when you begin constructing your website. The website is then placed on servers. In reality, when a user clicks on a connection to a website in your browser (such as Google Chrome), they are essentially asking the browser to locate and view the content on a server on the computer.


How it operates for web hosting

Web hosts are businesses that rent out their services and technology to host internet websites. When your website is hosted by the hosting company, users can access it by typing your web address (domain name) into their web browser. Their machine links to the server on which the website is hosted when they do this. In exchange, the server serves the website and sends the files that you stored on the storage to display to your web user in their web browser.

Local hosting means you are located inside your target market on the server where your website is hosted.  At least your website should be hosted in the same country as your company, but the closer, the better. Using local hosting for your website provides many advantages.

For the majority of firms, those in the immediate vicinity of their business place are their most significant client base. It is important to apply such localised SEO techniques in order to insure that your website appears in the searches for local businesses of your customers. Getting the website hosted locally is one such strategy.

Having your website hosting kept local in Australia can be a legal requirement (such as the medical field) and it certainly has performance benefits. Hosting plans starting from only a few dollars a month in Australia depending on the size and traffic to your website.

The greatest advantage of local hosting is that your company can maximise the related traffic. So often, people forget that two distinct items are traffic and relevant traffic. While more traffic to your website in general will seem like a cause to rejoice, if you don’t get the right visitors to your site, it won’t benefit your business. Visiting your website simply won’t mean a sale.

A lot of web hosting services allow you to buy both a domain and a web hosting service. But since domain hosting (domain registration) and web hosting are two separate items, you might have purchased one place for your domain and another place for your web hosting.


Can I have a website with no hosting?

Yes you can, however, without hosting your website wont be live and no one will see it. You can set up your own hosting sure, but we would not recommend it if you are a beginner, as setting up your server to act as a hosting server can be very technical.

If you don’t know anything about WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), without spending days or even weeks studying these applications and programmes, you’ll find it very difficult or even impossible to set up a server to host.

Jump on to the resource section if you are an experienced user and know about WAMP. If you are a novice, good news, there are still affordable choices at almost no cost to create and host a website. If you choose a managed server with almost zero downtime and occasional backups and maintenance.



Web Hosting Vs Domain Hosting

Though closely related, web hosting and domain hosting are two separate services. Web hosts allow users to build and store content on Internet servers, like a website. Domain hosts have domain names to allow users to access your content on the site.

Web hosting packages range from low-cost shared hosting plans to full dedicated servers (VPS) to virtual private servers, managed WordPress servers (ideally designed for WordPress host frameworks), and cloud-based servers.

It doesn’t affect your SEO to have your domain registered in one provider and your hosting in another and where you host your website files doesn’t matter directly either.

The only time your web hosting has an impact on your SEO is when your hosts do not allow your pages to be loaded quickly.
If it doesn’t allow your pages to load fast enough the sort of hosting your website could affect your SEO. When you get a free, shared hosting option, this typically happens. You won’t get the maximum load time, and your SEO and user experience is poor for a slow load time.

Localized hosting also has other advantages, in addition to helping you get specific traffic to your website and promoting your search listings. One advantage is pace. A locally hosted website can usually load faster. For customer service, the website’s loading speed is crucial. If it takes too long for your site to load, chances are your clients will lose interest and move on.


Why do I need Local Web Hosting?

Most Web Hosting Companies will provide the customer with several options for web hosting. In order to get the right local web hosting package you need to consider a few things. For example, how large is your website? How fast do you require the pages to load, how much traffic do you expect to your site. Too much traffic for example will quickly overload your website and the server will crash. E-commerce for example will require larger and usually require several offshore data centre’s for offshore hosting, otherwise you will find that if someone from USA visits your website which is only hosted in Australia, then the site may take too long to load, or not load correctly due to data having to travel a further distance. Having your website hosted close to your main markets is very helpful. This is especially useful when you consider Australia’s NBN issue and if you run an offshore development or service team who need instant access 24/7.

You might be tempted to get cheap web hosting hosting, which is usually a shared hosting service, if you run a small business. But you’re going to need more bandwidth if you have a sensitive site or one with a lot of graphics or photos, like a project gallery, and this alternative will produce poor results.